Website & Internet Solutions

CFCS can get you or your company on the Internet! Everything from setup to management is under one roof with professional assistance from start to finish.

What does CFCS offer for Internet-related services?

 Website and eCommerce Solutions
CFCS offers a small line of website services for both personal and commercial uses. We handle most aspects from obtaining the domain name, setting up the server or account, and maintaining the website for you technically.

 Hosted Email Accounts and Services
CFCS also offers service in assisting with, or hosting for you, your own email accounts and/or mail system for your business. We can handle all aspects of setup and maintenance of the email system for you.

What types of Websites are there?

CFCS offers either Shared or Dedicated Website hosting services. If you have a low-volume website for personal or small business use, a Shared hosting option might be for you. If you have a large business with or intend to have alot of customers for eCommerce, or want complete control over everything, dedicated website hosting is a better option.

Of course, CFCS puts together a complete plan for you with recommendations for what would be best for you.

Can you design my website to my specifications?

No, sorry, we don't offer a design service for webpages. We strictly do technical setup and maintenance for you.

For clients that require this service, CFCS can refer you to a qualified professional partner (this includes custom script writing, highly professional and graphics/Flash-based websites, and other more advanced needs).

Once it's done, that's it, right?

Once a website's design has been completed and placed on the public Internet, there is more that needs to be done for a "live" site - including troubleshooting for issues and much more. CFCS offers affordable server & website services so you don't have to worry about a thing.

CFCS services are cheaper than maintaining a full-time IT staff or Webmaster.

How much does it cost?

Website design and management can vary widely in price, however, CFCS offers very aggressive competitive pricing. Feel free to contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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