Server Building & Management

CFCS can get your small business up and running with our Server configuration & build services, or keep your running with our professional on-going Server Management services!

What kind of services does CFCS offer?

Many businesses may start looking at the need for central or distributed servers for many different types of Office operations - from simple File servers to Client/Server applications.

CFCS can build from the ground up and integrate these systems, working with other vendors and partners when needed to ensure that your needs are met. For businesses that already have servers setup and running, CFCS offers you on-going professional monitoring and assistance with your Servers. We have a multitude of experience with legacy Windows NT 4/Windows 2000 and current Windows 2003 and 2008 Server.

What do the services generally entail?

For Build Services:

Complete consultation to determine your needs

Hand-picking the best components for your budget

Assembling, testing and configuring system(s)

Performing an extended "burn-in" test to ensure reliability and identify any faults before the system goes live in your organization

Transporting the system(s) to your site(s)

Complete setup of cabling & power

6-month, 1 & 3 year component Warranties available

For Maintenance Management Services:

Great service for those who have no "IT Department"

Complete consultation to determine your needs

Bi-Weekly check of Server logs for problems and errors

Monthly check of Server software updates (Windows Updates)

Monitor Server for unexpected downtime, notification via your smartphone text messaging, email, or page, as well as directly to CFCS. As fast as 15 minute response time during business hours (depending on Service Level agreement)

Monitor performance attributes and ensure server runs optimally

Monitor security & keep system hardened against attack

Available in weekly, monthly and yearly contracts and 3 different Service Legal Agreements for monitoring.

NOTICE: This service is NOT available for Servers serving content on the WWW.


If these services are less than what you require, we can still help you find the right IT Services provider! With our extensive network of professionals, we can always shoot you in the right direction.

How much does it cost?

CFCS Server services are priced extremely competitively. If you think CFCS can provide the service(s) you need, please don't hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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