Remote Support Services

Many system administration and technical support tasks can be performed directly on PCs and servers without the presence of an on-site technician being necessary.

In 2009,
81% of all technical support requests could have been resolved using remote support services!


What is Remote Support Service?

The CFCS Remote Support Service allows us to connect to your computer via your High Speed Internet Connection (a minimum 1Mbit connection is required - Satellite Internet at this time is not compatible) and diagnose, troubleshoot/fix and answer any questions you have, all without requiring a service visit or you having to bring your computer to us - it's all done via the Internet from CFCS on your screen.

Why should I choose to use Remote Support instead?

  • Better support
    "Virtual Techs" eliminate the difficulties associated with users having to explain what they see on their screens over the phone.
  • Faster problem resolution
    Enhanced availability and less scheduling conflicts - Problems are often resolved immediately!
  • Reduces costs
    Remote support takes away the step of driving to your location and not having your PC(s) for days or weeks. It also reduces the fee you pay.

Is it Secure? What can be done?

Our Remote Support Service is 100% secure, encrypted connection. All work is displayed on your screen, so you can sit and watch while the wizards go to work! Most service work that would usually require an on-site visit can be performed, however, if your Internet connection is not working, you are having Hardware-related issues, or you cannot access Windows, an on-site service call will be needed.

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