Other Services

CFCS strives to offer our customers services that can take care of all of their needs under one roof. Not only does CFCS offer general PC services, but we also offer more specialized services to both the consumer and businesses.

CFCS Expanded Services Offerings

Built-to-Order Customer Computers & Used Systems

CFCS has years of building computers for almost any need - Home use, Office use, Server systems, etc. There is no number or type of computers that we can't build!

For those on tight budgets, we also source and sell pre-owned computers available with warranties!

Video Streaming and TV-based Video

Imagine a connected household - now make it a reality! If you want to stream video from your Desktop PC to other computers and devices, watch Netflix® directly on your TV, browse the Web on your TV, etc. and much more, we have the knowledge to make it happen!

MP3 Player/Video Camera/etc. Support

CFCS can help with all your other non-PC devices as well - Camcorders, MP3 Player, etc. We can also assist with Android and iOS-based Smartphones - from technical support to personalized training, we're the ones to call.

Needs Evaluation

If you are intending on replacing your PC at home, or a bunch of PC's in the Office, CFCS offers our in-depth knowledge of what kind of computer and what specifications, as well as any accessories, you may need, all in complete detail. We can even order or build your new systems!

Deployment & Future Planning

If you need help with setting up lots of workstations, imaging the drives, deploying a new software program or updates to workstations, CFCS can help or provide advice. We can also help you plan for your growing needs well into the future.


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