Networking Services

CFCS has years of experience with both wired and wireless networks for both home and business use - when you choose CFCS for your networking needs, you are getting years of experience and knowledge of multitudes of needs and scenarios.

Networking Services for Home & Business

Wiring Installation

If you have new High Speed Internet being installed, or have a room full of servers needing access to different parts of the building, CFCS has the equipment and experience to get the job done. We can wire almost any type of cabling - CAT5e/6, Fiber Optic, Twisted Pair, etc. are only some of the cabling we can run.

Wireless Networking

If you are setting up a new Wireless network for your PC's, CFCS can help! We can setup the entire thing- from cabling to routers to switches to getting the PC's to talk to one another. We can even install Wireless Printers!

Wired Networking

If it's good old hardwired you prefer, CFCS can get any number of PC's cabled and wired to your Router, Switch or Server. Whether it's PC's, Printers or Network Attached Storage, CFCS can get it on the network and working for you.

Network Troubleshooting

Sometimes, things just don't play nice with each other, or it was working and all of a sudden just quit. CFCS has advanced troubleshooting and problem identification software & procedures that will get your network back up and running as it was before.

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