Online Data Backup

Keeping your data safe is incredibly important in today's world of computing. Everyone knows the sinking feeling when you can't find a file or folder, especially very important ones!

CFCS Backup Services

Online Data Backup - Provided by Mozy

CFCS partners with the leading Online Data Backup provider, Mozy. Mozy offers you 50GB of backup for $5.99 a month per computer, or $9.99 a month for 125GB per computer - your choice. Plus, CFCS supports and configures your backup for you - no worrying or headaches!

Please note that online backups require a high speed Internet connection, and the speed of the backup are dependant on the speed of your Internet Connection.
Contact CFCS or Mozy for more details and info if needed.

* Please note - Mozy's prices are slightly higher for business customers.

On-site Recurring Backups

CFCS also offers another very popular solution for your backup needs - a recurring backup using an external hard drive. This is probably the most common way to backup your computer - it requires no Internet connection, and can be taken with you anywhere, and is available anytime. A great idea for business customers!

One-time Backup

Another option for backups is a one-time backup, where the current state of your computer and files are backed up. This can include an entire point-in-time backup of the computer, or a backup of certain selected files. This option can be used with External hard drives or CD/DVD's.

Don't know which one is right for you?

CFCS is here for you. Contact us today for a backup needs evaluation from our professional PC technicians!

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